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HD Correcting Powders

Correcting Powder is available in three colors to provide a range of capabilities based on your needs:


  • White – Use this translucent white pressed powder to set liquid cosmetic products on a variety of light to medium skin tones as well as illuminate desired areas of the skin.


  • Yellow – Use this to brighten and cancel out unwanted dark discoloration. Apply this powder over dark under-eye circles alone or on top of a concealer for a brightened appearance. This product can also be applied to areas commonly accentuated for a highlighted look.


  • Salmon – Apply this salmon-toned powder to deeply discolored areas, where it will cancel out the unwanted discoloration and brighten the targeted area. This color is also great for highlighting areas that should be accentuated on deeper complexions.



  • Pressed Powder
  • Mirror included in compact
  • Ultra silky formula
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Made in North America

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