Kayla Danforth


Kayla Danforth

Esthetician, Waxing Specialist



Waxing, Brazilian Waxing, Male Brazilian Waxing, Dermaplane

Favorite Products:

Supracor Bath Mitt or facial scrubbers, Pro Soto mascara, Pro soto Eyebrow sticks #7 and #2, Image vital C facial cleanser, Dermalogica precleanse 


13+ years as a Licensed Esthetician

Why you love what you do:

I do this for one reason and that reason is my clients. I love to build the relationship’s with them and get to experience this crazy thing called life together. I love being able to help someone feel sexy and confident in their bodies when we live in a world that constantly tells us we aren’t good enough. Not to mention the instant gratification of ripping hair out of someone’s body is a good plus. 

**Accepting new clients**