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Pro Soto Training Center​
7420 North Shadeland Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46250

Week 6: The Natural Look

  • How to Achieve the "No Makeup Look"
  • Perfecting Eye Application Technique
  • Perfecting Lip Application Technique
  • Brush Overview

Week 7: Makeup For Photography

  • Guest Photographer/Speaker
  • How to Market Yourself
  • How to Be Prepared for a Photoshoot
  • Styling the Model

Week 8: Professional Photoshoot

  • Class Photoshoot on Location
  • Model Provided by Student

​*This class will be 4-5 hours long.

Week 9: Film, TV, and HD Makeup

  • Makeup For Various Mediums
  • Basic Understanding of Lighting
  • Tricks of the Trade

Week 10: Career Planning

  • Class Overview
  • Review and Critique Photoshoot Makeup
  • Marketing Yourself
  • Celebrate! 

Advanced Makeup Classes:

  • Bridal Workshop Airbrush and Freehand
  • Mastering the Art of Contouring and Highlighting
  • Mastering the Art of Eye Makeup
  • Special Effects: Bruises, Cuts, Latex, Wounds, etc.
  • Mastering the Art of Tattoo Covering

​Advanced Makeup Classes offered monthly.​

Pro Class 101: Introduction to Professional Makeup Artistry

​​Pro Class 101 is designed for those choosing to pursue a career in makeup artistry as a freelance Makeup Artist in the bridal, film, or print industry or for the licensed professional who desires to include makeup artistry services to their existing beauty salon or spa business. Our students will learn "hands on" by practicing on live models who are diverse in skin colors and age ranges. Our goal is to provide students with the knowledge and confidence it takes to provide the most professional service possible for your clients whatever their beauty needs or desires may be!

​Includes - Makeup Artistry Workbook, a professional photo shoot, a professional makeup artistry kit that includes cosmetics, brushes, tools and professional airbrush equipment, along with a certificate of completion.

Pro Soto Beauty Studios

7420 N Shadeland Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46250

Thank you for your interest in ProSoto Training Center! Our training center proudly offers a one of a kind opportunity where students can learn the Basics of Makeup Artistry. We offer several learning opportunities. Some who are interested in pursuing a career in Makeup Artistry will choose the ten week ProClass. This class will include a broad overview of makeup selections, color choices, and techniques including the proper tools to use while working with various types of cosmetics, skin tones, and age groups. This class will also identify the basic skills needed to apply makeup with an airbrush and how to troubleshoot equipment. Students will participate and style a model in a professional photo shoot with a fashion photographer. The students will also learn how to apply what they have learned to help them begin their own career!

Advanced Esthetic Workshops:

  • Dermaplane
  • Advanced Waxing Techniques
  • Advanced Chemical Peel Treatments
  • Eyelash Extension Workshop

*For licensed professionals only! Must have current active license in esthetics/cosmetology or be a student of esthetics/cosmetology enrolled in a minimum of 200 hours.

Upcoming Pro Training Start Dates

10 Week Session

May Session

Sundays, starting 12/10/17 from 12pm-3pm

Cost is $3750 to be paid in full by Week 5 - $1375 Deposit required to RSVP

This is a 30-hour workshop that meets each week for 3 hours (Sundays) for ten consecutive weeks. You will learn everything makeup from consultation to formulating and basic application to airbrush and problem-solving makeup and also how to work in a professional setting as a Makeup Artist. Deposit required is the complete kit cost which includes disposables, makeup tools & palettes and MORE in an easy-to-move luggage-style case.

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Course Overview:
Week 1: Introduction

  • Orientation
  • Kit Overview
  • Profiling Client
  • Prepping the Skin

Week 2: The Art Flawless Skin

  • Selecting Appropriate Foundation
  • Color and Formulation Choices
  • The Art of Concealing
  • Introduction to Contouring and Highlighting

Week 3: The Art of Shaping the Face

  • Contouring and Highlighting Techniques
  • Understanding Facial Shapes
  • Introduction to Color
  • Choosing the Right Tools

Week 4: Designing the Eye

  • Proper Use of Brushes
  • ​Eyeshadow Application Techniques
  • Using Pencil, Liquid, and Gel Liners
  • Applying Mascara to Others

Week 5: Introduction to Airbrush

  • Video Presentation
  • How to Maintain/Troubleshoot the Airbrush
  • Practice Techniques/Templates
  • Airbrush Foundation Application​