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7420 N Shadeland Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46250

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**As a courtesy to our guests, we respectfully ask that any children who are NOT being serviced in the salon to be attended by a capable older sibling or an adult who is not being serviced. Unattended children *may* be given coffee and a free puppy.

Salon & Spa Holiday Closings:

Tuesday, July 4th (Independence Day)

Friday, July 7th - for a Special Event ~ (Closed for Appointments and Retail sales)

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Monday: Available Upon Request from 10am-5pm
Tuesday - Friday: OPEN - 10am-5pm
    Later Appointments Available Upon Request
Saturday: OPEN - 9am-5pm

Sunday: CLOSED

Pro Soto Beauty Studios​

7420 N Shadeland Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46250


Phone: 317-577-9400


7420 N Shadeland Ave.

Indianapolis, IN 46250​​